Why your ex wants to be friends

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I’ve noticed that when couples break up, one person usually wants to remain friends.  In today’s video, I’m going to be talking from the point of view of the woman so I’ll be discussing what happens when the couple breaks up and the guy is the one that wants to remain friends.  Many women are confused by this and that’s why I’m discussing it today.  In today’s video, I’m going to be talking about why your ex wants to be friends.

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The 1st reason why your ex wants to be friends is because he still wants to be able to have sex with you and saying you guys are friends is an easy way for sex to happen.  So yes, he wants to be friends but what he really means is that he wants to be friends with benefits.


Now, if the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing is fine with you then cool but if having sex with him leaves you in emotional agony when he refers to you as a friend afterwards, then maybe you should give this whole friends or friends with benefits thing a miss.  You have or can make friends who won’t give you so much heartache.


The 2nd reason why your ex wants to be friends is so that he doesn’t feel bad because he was the one that did the breaking up and he knows that he hurt you in the process.  Some men don’t want to feel bad about hurting you when they break up with you and in their minds, staying friends with you is a way to make the whole situation better.


However, while it may make him feel better, it usually doesn’t make the woman, the person who was broken up with, feel better.  In fact, it usually makes her feel worse because in the guise of friendship, the guy does things like talking about his new girlfriend, telling you how wonderful she is, introducing you to her and maybe even inviting you to their wedding.  None of which can make you feel good about yourself.


However, I realise that not everyone feels that way.  There are women out there who have been broken up with and their ex-boyfriend introduced them to the new girlfriend and invited her to their wedding and they don’t feel bad about it.  If you’re one of those women then obviously, this point I’m making will make no sense at all to you.  However, if you’re NOT that type of woman, let your ex know that you are NOT at all interested in staying friends with him and be firm about your decision before he invites you his wedding to his new flame.


The 3rd reason why your ex wants to be friends is because he is hoping that someday, the two of you will get back together.  Sometimes, men break up with their partners and realise they made a mistake.  Other times, the woman breaks up with the man and the man thinks the woman has made a big mistake.


In both those cases, the man could come back asking to be friends or could ask to stay friends because he’s hoping that at some point in the future, the two of you will get back together.  Even if the woman has moved on and is dating somebody new, it doesn’t stop the man from wanting to remain friends because he’s hoping that someday, the woman will come to her senses and realise that he is the best person for her.


If you harbour thoughts of getting back with your ex then staying friends with him might not be a bad idea but if seeing your ex or being in contact with him causes you pain, if you feel that it would stand in the way of you giving your all to a new relationship, say a firm ‘goodbye’ to your ex and cultivate friendships with new people.


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