Why he didn’t call after taking your number

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Part of my work as a relationship coach is to help women understand men so today, I’m going to be helping to decode one aspect of men’s behaviour and that is why he didn’t call after taking your number.

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I just love hearing modern dating dilemmas and comparing them to dating dilemmas that I think happened fifty or even a hundred years ago.  For example, fifty or a hundred years ago, this sort of question or dilemma didn’t exist.  There were no mobile phones then and in a country like Nigeria, where I live, landlines were scarce 50 years ago.  So, this sort of problem just did not happen.


There were related problems though.  So, maybe 50 or 100 years ago, instead of this topic, the topic would have been something like ‘Why didn’t he write after taking my address?’ or something like that.  That is so funny but let’s get into today’s topic which is ‘Why he didn’t call after taking your number’.


There are a few reasons why a guy could take your number and not call.  The 1st is that he could have lost your number.  If he wrote your number down on a piece of paper and didn’t save it on his phone, he could have lost that piece of paper.


The 2nd is that he could have had his phone stolen or he could have lost his phone.  Third, he could have taken your phone number having no intention to call you.  He just took your number to prove to himself that he could get it or to prove to other people that he could get it.


Fourth, he could have taken your number and for some unknown reason, he just decided not to call.  There are a million and one reasons why a guy could take your phone number and not call but ultimately, he didn’t call because he didn’t want to.


You see, in today’s world, even if a guy loses your number, he can still find a way to contact you if he really wants to.  All it takes is a little resourcefulness.  If he spends a little time searching through Instagram or Facebook or straight-up Googling you, he is bound to find you.  In this day and age, it’s not that hard to find someone.


So, if a guy took your number and didn’t call, please don’t make up excuses in your head for him.  He didn’t lose your number, his phone or your memory.  He didn’t call because he didn’t want to.  Put that guy out of your mind and move on to the next.  There are lots of guys out there who are desperately trying to get your attention.  Give those guys a chance.


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