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I hear from women from time to time who say that they’re thinking about dating a particular guy but aren’t not sure about him.  They don’t know whether he’s the right choice.  Or one hears about women who have two guys on their case and their wondering which one to choose.  This video is for them.  It’s also for you if you’re in that kind of situation.  So, if you’re in a position where you’re wondering which guy to choose or what to look for in a man then sit tight and watch this video.

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If you want to know what to look for in a man to help you decide if you should date or even marry somebody, there are 3 things that you should look out for.  The 1st thing is how he treats you.  This is actually the most important thing.  You should look for a man who treats you well.


Different women interpret ‘treats you well’ in different ways but for me, ‘treats you well’ means this is a man who makes you feel at peace.  So if a guy puts a ton of money in your bank account, buys you jewellery all the time and changes your phone every 6 months but you find that you’re constantly fighting off side-chicks or dodging blows from him then you are not at peace.


The 2nd thing you should look for in a guy is how he earns money or how he plans to earn money.  I’m all for romance and I’m a totally romantic person myself but money is important in the world that we live in today.  So you need to look at how he earns money.  Does he earn money in an honest, ethical way?  How does he handle money?  When he gets money, does he just spend everything immediately?  Is he frivolous with money or is he savvy with it?  Does he save at all?  All these are things that you should take note of.


I truly believe that a woman should have her own source of income but for a relationship to be happy, both the man and the woman should have a good relationship with their own money.


The 3rd and final thing that you should look for in a man that you plan to marry or a man that you want to go into a relationship with is how he treats other people.  For example: most people have to be nice to their boss but they don’t have to be nice to the security man.  So, if you come across a guy who is polite to his boss as well as to the security man then you know that that person is a decent guy with a good heart.  He is somebody that you should consider.


I know that some women think that if a guy is nice to them but horrible to other people then it’s fine.  Don’t be fooled.  The way he treats other people is how he’ll treat you eventually.  If he treats other people horribly, he will do the same to you.  Pay attention to the way he treats others.


Those are the 3 things that you should look for in a man when you want to get married or when you’re thinking about going into a relationship with a particular person.


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