What to do on a first date

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Congratulations!  You’re about to go on a first date with someone new and you want some tips.  Look no further!  Check out my video below for things to be aware of before, during and after that first date.

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It’s your first date.  The first thing I have to say to you is ‘Congratulations!’  I hope you’re going to have a fun time.  In fact, I know you will and actually, that is the attitude you should have when you’re preparing for that first date – that you’re going to enjoy yourself no matter what.


As a woman, there are 2 things you should always have on you when you’re going out – whether it’s a first date or not.  You should always have tissue paper on you and you should always have money on you.  Tissue paper, you need because whenever you go to rest rooms, you might get into one that doesn’t have tissue paper or is just plain skanky.  And then, you’ll become your own hero or heroine and save yourself with your own tissue paper!


You also need your own money on you for obvious reasons.  You need money to leave a place or take a cab if you need to or to pay for something if you need to.  Speaking of payments, I’ll talk about that a bit later in this post.  So, always have these two things on you as a woman: one, tissue paper, two, money.


Before you go on your first date, how you look is important.  But don’t be uncomfortable.  What you need to do is you need to dress to look elegant but comfortable.  There is no point in wearing high heels if you hate high heels or if you’re uncomfortable on them.  Wear what you feel comfortable in but make sure you look good.  If you wear high heels and you don’t like them, you’re going to be uncomfortable and it will show.  You won’t enjoy your date and the other person will be wondering what is wrong.  So, go for elegance and being comfortable.


Another thing to do is that you need to remember to smile a lot when you’re on your date.  Pay attention to the other person.   Also, before you actually go on that date, you should tell people where you’re going and always meet your date in a public place.  Always have your first date in a public place if it’s somebody that you’ve never met before.  That sounds like common sense but I have to say it all the same.  If you’re meeting somebody you’ve never met before and it’s a first date, please meet the person in a public place.


Another thing I want to say is, this is so important – if it’s a first date and the guy asked you out, please please please do not pay.  He should be the one paying.  If he asked you out, please know that HE should be the one paying.  Apart from that, always have money on you but know that you’re not going to be the one to pay for the date no matter what.  The money on you is for you to be able to leave that place whenever you want.  So please do not pay on the first date if the guy asked you out.


Something else to remember when it comes to first dates is that you’re not the only one being assessed.  You can assess the other person as well.  So don’t keep thinking “What does he think of me?” “Does he think I look okay?” “Is he enjoying himself?”  Also ask yourself what you think about him.  How is he behaving to the waiter?  How is he behaving to other people that you meet?  Is he asking you questions about yourself?  Does he seem interested in you?  Is he looking at all the women who pass by?  Do some assessment yourself.  You’re being judged.  You can judge as well.  That’s what a date is all about.


My final tip for you today is that you should make sure you enjoy yourself.  This is not a test.  This is not anything serious.  It’s just a first date.  You guys are just going out and you want to try to see if you match.  You want to see if you guys get along and whether it can turn into something more serious.  Please don’t take the first date so seriously.  Just try to enjoy yourself no matter what happens.


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