What men want

After a string of bad relationships, it’s natural for a woman to ask herself what men want.  From time to time, single women ask me this question.  My first reaction (which I never say) is ‘Forget what men want.  What do you want?’  Because I believe that that’s the first step in getting the kind of man you want.

For the sake of this article, I did a bit of research and asked married men I knew what they looked for in a woman when they wanted to get married and surprise, surprise!  What each man wanted in a wife was different.  That makes sense because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.  Look at the married women around you.  Are they the same?  Of course not.  Some are nice and some are nasty.  Some are beautiful and others not.  There is simply no trait common to all married women – apart from the fact that they are all female.

To get back to the mini-research I did, one man said he wanted a woman who could take care of herself financially, another said he wanted a woman he could take care of financially, yet another said he wanted someone who was good with children.  And on and on.  The most important quality desired in a woman differs from person to person.

My conclusion is this:

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don’t bother yourself too much about what men want.  Determine the kind of man you want in your life and focus on being a happy version of yourself.  If you know what you want, you’re more likely to get it.  And remember, no matter what kind of person you are, there is someone out there who is especially attracted to you and your personality.

It’s easy to meet a guy, find out what he is looking for in a woman and try to be her but it will be a difficult act to keep up which is why it often doesn’t work.  And when such an act does lead to marriage, it causes problems because no-one can succeed at being someone they’re not forever.  Pretending to be someone you’re not is tiring and leads to unhappiness.

What men want is who you are.  Be yourself and you will attract the right person for you.

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