What to wear on a first date

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Everyone wants to look good on a first date so it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many women want to know what to wear to look good on that first date.  If you want to know what to wear to make a good impression on your first date then this is the video for you so don’t go anywhere!

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When it comes to looking good on a first date, what you want is to make a good impression and by good impression, that means that you want to blow his mind and make sure that he remembers you forever whether this leads to a relationship or not.


I have 3 tips for you on how to be memorable and make a good impression by looking good on your first date.  Tip number 1 is to wear what you look good in.  If you’re confused about what you look good in, ask your friends.  They might know you better than you know yourself.


So if you know that you look good in pencil skirts, wear that on your first date.  If you know you look hot in skinny jeans, wear that instead.  Whatever you do, don’t wear something just because your friend looks good in it.  She might have a completely different body type from you.  Wear what you look good in.  Don’t wear what other women look good in.  Wear what you look good in.


Tip number 2 is to wear what you feel comfortable in.  Some women wear things that look good but doesn’t make them feel comfortable and that’s not a good idea.  For example, if your friends tell you that you have really nice legs so you should wear a miniskirt but you don’t feel comfortable in miniskirts, that is a bad idea.


This is because if you go on that date wearing a miniskirt and you’re not comfortable in it, you’re going to spend the whole date tugging and pulling down the miniskirt and that’s going to make you feel awkward.  When you feel awkward, you’re not going to be giving off the good, confident-you vibes that you want to be giving off on a first date.  So only wear things that you look comfortable in.


If you don’t feel comfortable in heels, no matter what the world says about how high heels are the height of femininity, you don’t have to wear them.  If you can’t walk two steps in high heels, please leave them at home.  Wear what looks good on you and what feels comfortable.


Tip number 3 is to follow the basic rules of fashion.  For example, don’t wear patterns with patterns.  Black is always slimming so if you want to make a part of your body look slimmer, wear black there.  If you wear black top to toe, it’s going to make you look slimmer generally so if that’s a look you want, wear black from top to toe.


However, if you’re a total fashionista or you’re completely confident in your own style then forget about all these rules and just go for it!  Wear whatever you want and your confidence and your vibes will show through.


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