Valentine’s Day can be fun even if you’re single

valentine's day can be fun

I can’t remember ever liking Valentine’s Day when I was single.  Even now that I am married, I find very little to like about the day.  I always said Valentine’s Day was like a competition that I was entered in without my knowledge.  You wake up one day and everyone’s asking how many cards you got and what presents you’ve received.  It’s like is there someone recording this information somewhere?  Is a winner going to be announced at the end of the day?  What is this temporary madness that descends on people on February 14th every year?

I know there are people out there who love Valentine’s Day.  They actually look forward to it.  This article isn’t for them.  This article is for the women out there who dread Valentine’s Day and wish it would be abolished.  Having said all that, there are ways to make Valentine’s Day tolerable or even enjoyable – even if you’re single.   Here are a few of them:

  • Be grateful. Be grateful that you’re alive but even more so, that Valentine’s Day this year falls on the weekend.  Woo-hoo!  Since you don’t have to go to work, it cuts down the sense that you’re in some kind of race by at least half.  Plus, if you lie in bed as long as possible, the day will practically be over before you have the chance to even remember it’s Valentine’s Day.  Excellent!
  • Some women go out with a group of female friends for a meal or drinks on Valentine’s Day so that there’s less chance of feeling lonely and that’s a good idea even if it’s a bit of a cliché now. A fun twist on that activity is to meet up at one friend’s house.  Everyone could bring something to eat or drink and you guys can have your own little party at your friend’s place.  You’ll spend less and be able to get as rowdy as you want.  Double win!
  • Make a plan for Valentine’s Day BEFORE the day comes ‘round. If you think about it and try to fill the day with things you like to do, you will have a good day.  And if anything else turns up like a huge, unexpected cake, it would be the icing on the cake, so to speak.

I hope these ideas help you and that you do enjoy Valentine’s Day.  Let me know how it goes and enjoy yourself!

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