Travel Pictures: Dakar

Here are some pictures from in and around Dakar, Senegal.

Ouakam Dakar canoe

Brightly-coloured art can be seen all over Dakar from canoes like this one to the city’s graffiti-covered walls.

le monument de la renaissance africaine dakar senegal

Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine or the African Renaissance Monument is apparently the tallest of its kind in the world.

Dakar Cathedral, Dakar Senegal

Although Senegal is over 90% Muslim, there seems to be religious tolerance in the country.  This is a picture of the Dakar Cathedral.

goree island as seen from dakar

This picture is of Goree Island as seen from mainland Dakar.  I love how the sun’s rays appear to create a halo over the island in this picture.

goree island beach

This is Goree Island’s beach which is popular with tourists and Dakarois alike.

cap manuel cliffs, dakar

This picture shows the cliffs at Cap Manuel, Dakar.  A bunker and watch tower said to have built into the rocks during World War 2 can still be seen there today.

almadies dakar

This is Almadies in Dakar.  The area is popular and packed with restaurants, bars and clubs.  I took this picture at 3am and couldn’t believe how busy the place was at that time of the night.

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