Travel Pictures: Calabar (Part 1)

I had a great time on holiday in Calabar.  Here are some pictures from that trip.  I split the pictures from the trip into two posts so you don’t get photo-overload 🙂  You can see the second part here.

sculpture of hands in Calabar

This sculpture of hands is at the park near the Calabar Museum and is associated with Calabar.

darey art alade performing at the calabar international jazz festivalDarey performing at the Calabar International Jazz Festival that held in March 2013.

bez performing at the calabar international jazz festivalBez also performed at the Calabar International Jazz Festival.

aerial view of the calabar riverAerial view of the Calabar River.

the calabar calabar roundabout in calabarThe Calabar Calabar roundabout in, you guessed it, Calabar 🙂

old administrative block of cross river state house of assemblyThis lovely building is the old administrative block of the Cross River State House of Assembly.  Apparently, it was built by the British during the colonial era.

afang and semovitaAfang and semovita.  Yum.

people chilling at the Marina ResortPeople often come to sit, eat and relax at the Marina Resort.

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