What to do if you think you’re too boring to get a guy

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Women often battle many insecurities.  Things like, “Am I fat?”, “Do my clothes look okay?” and so on and so forth.  This video is about a different kind of insecurity.  This video is about women who think that they’re too boring to get a guy.  So, to help with that, I made this video.  Today’s video is all about what to do if you think you’re too boring to get a guy.

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Prefer to read rather that watch the video?  Here’s what’s in it: 

Many women think that they’re boring and that that is why they are still single.  If you’re in that position, my first question to you is ‘Why?’  Why do you think that you’re boring?  Is it because a guy said that to you?  Is it because a friend said that to you?  Or is it because you say that to yourself?


If a guy says that to you, it doesn’t mean that you’re boring.  It just means that he has different interests from you.  It also means that he’s an insensitive idiot but that’s not what we’re going to talk about today.  If a friend said that to you, you have to ask yourself, “Was she just being mean?”


Sometimes, we have frenemies in our lives.  We have these people we think are friends but they’re not really friends.  They just try to bring you down whenever you’re together.  Ask yourself if your friend is one of those sorts of people.  If she is like that, she might not be telling the truth and she just wants you to feel bad.  If a guy or a female friend says that you’re boring, then clearly, you guys shouldn’t be hanging out with each other.  Just keep your distance so that you can be happy.


I know that it can be tough if you have this huge crush on a guy and he says that you’re boring.  You desperately want to please him because you want him in your life.  But the truth is that there’s nothing you can do that will make him happy.  He just doesn’t want to be with you.  What you need to do is to get that guy out of your mind and start to pay attention to the guys who think that you’re wonderful just the way you are.


If you’re the one telling yourself that you’re boring, ask yourself if you’re happy.  If you are then fine because your happiness is all that matters.  I would say though that you should change the words you use to describe yourself.  ‘Boring’ is not a positive word.  Look for a more positive word to describe yourself.  It’s better for your mental health, overall.  But if you’re happy the way you are, continue.  Just continue being yourself because your happiness is what matters most.


If you think you’re boring and you want to change, I have good news for you.  You CAN change!  Look around you and take inspiration from the people around you, from movies, from books, from the internet.  Look for someone who inspires you and who you want to be like.  Ask yourself, “What do you like about them?”  Look at the things they do and start doing those things.


For example, if you like the fact that they smile a lot, start smiling more.  Pro tip: practise your smile in front of a mirror first so when you’re in public and you smile, you’ll know that it’s a smile that you like and you’ll know that you look good doing it.  Practice makes perfect – even in a situation like this.


If the person that you want to be like has a lot of friends and that is what you admire about them, start trying to make more friends yourself.  Think about joining groups that have the same interests as you.  Or you can even meet people online.  That is a thing now.  Look into it, do some research and start meeting more people.


Those are only two ideas but the truth is that if you think you’re boring and you want to change, you can change.  However, remember that you must change only for yourself.  Don’t change for anybody else, do it for yourself.


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