The one thing you should never do when you’re upset at work.

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It’s inevitable that you’ll get upset or angry at some point (or many points 😉 ) in the office.  You’re surrounded by people (many of whom you would definitely not have chosen to be in close proximity with), you have crazy deadlines and you have non-work-related things on your mind.  It’s easy to feel less than happy from time to time in the workplace.  When those times come ‘round, there’s one thing I feel you should never ever do.  I know many people out there will think what I’m about to say is ‘cry’ but no.  That’s a post I’ll leave for another day.  Remind me if I don’t get to it soon 😉  So no, it’s not ‘don’t cry’.

The one thing you should never do when you’re upset at work is

write down what or who’s upsetting you in a form that anyone other than yourself will see it.  That might seem like strange advice from a writer but it’s one of my top tips for the workplace and even life in general.  It’s something I’ve known for ages and assumed everyone knew but I see it happen so often that maybe that advice is not common knowledge like I think it is.

When you’re angry or upset at work, don’t write about what’s upsetting you in an email, SMS, on Facebook, Whatsapp or any other new-fangled medium some genius comes up with.  This is for the simple reason that what you’ve written can be shown to other people and the result could be something you won’t like.  I’ve seen several cases where the aggrieved party writes an email/SMS/BBM update full of negative things about someone and the person they send it to or even some random person who sees it shows what you’ve written to the person you wrote about.  Awkward.

If you’re lucky, the person you wrote the nasty thing about will confront you and you’ll get the opportunity to apologise.  If not, the person you wrote about will simply keep that impression of you in their mind and bide their time so that they can mess you up good in future or just choose to remove you from their life.  None of these may be what you wanted so if you’re angry or upset and feel you need to write about it, write in a place that’s for your eyes only and preferably delete or tear it up afterwards. Writing something nasty about someone or a situation in your office to a friend or colleague may relieve you in the short term but in the long run, it’ll probably come back to haunt you.  Don’t do it!

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