The one thing you need to do to get the relationship you want this year

one thing you need to do to get the relationship you want this year

When you get to your 30s and are single (but don’t want to be), it’s easy to get depressed.  You feel you’ve prayed more than your share, read every self-help book out there and spent half your life watching motivational videos on YouTube.  Now it’s a new year and you’re seriously thinking about giving up on love and focusing on your career.  After all, what’s the point, nothing you have tried in the past has worked.  But there is a point.  If finding love wasn’t important to you, your mind wouldn’t go there so often.  So give finding your perfect partner  another try.

If you want to take another step towards finding the right person for you but don’t want to go through as much stress as you have in the past, here’s the one thing you need to do:  focus on your perfect partner in your mind.  Yes, it really is that simple.  By focusing your mind on your perfect partner, I don’t mean thinking about how tall or how rich he is.  Thinking about someone with those qualities is fine and you might actually find yourself dating such a person but in the end, you probably won’t be happy, the relationship won’t work out and you’ll be back where you started – looking for your ideal partner.

By saying you need to focus on your perfect partner, what I really mean is that you need to focus on how your ideal partner would make you FEEL.  Does he make you feel taken care of?  Does he make you feel like you can achieve anything you want?  Does he make you feel loved?  Does he make you feel safe?  Those feelings are what you should concentrate on.

If you’re finding it a bit difficult to create those feelings inside you, here’s a little trick to try.  Imagine you are already in a relationship with your perfect partner and that you are telling a friend how he makes you feel. As you go through your description, imagine those feelings running through your body.  Imagine that your friend is smiling because you’re smiling and you just can’t seem to stop.  That feeling you’ve got in your stomach or heart or all over your body when you’re describing your perfect partner is the feeling you should store in your mind and focus on.  Remember that feeling and run it through your mind every day.

Doing this little exercise sounds easy but it’s really not because after a few days, you’ll get bored.  It’s human nature.  However, if you stick with it and focus on your perfect partner in your mind, before you know it, he will be in your life.  And when he arrives, do write and tell me all about him.  Happy New Year!

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