Holidays with Abi Kamson

The Dominican Republic where Abi had her most memorable holiday. 1.Tell us about the very first holiday you remember going on. My first holiday was to London, England when I was about 8. I remember being so excited about getting on a plane and being even more excited playing in the snow for the first time. 2.What…

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Holidays with Tunde Aladese

Watching flamenco dancers in Spain was one of the things that made Tunde’s holiday in Spain memorable. 1. Tell us about the very first holiday you remember taking. Ever, ever? I guess road trips with my family are my earliest memories. Either going to Ondo state (where my parents are from) or going to Niger…

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Holidays with Tintin

Animals in the wild were part of what made Tintin’s holiday in Kenya memorable. 1.  Tell us about the first holiday you remember taking. That was too long ago!  I was in Kenya in 1970.  Long time ago, right?  Kenya is a beautiful country with hospitable people where I experienced touring vast open lands where…

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My 8 travel essentials

Whether I’m going away for two weeks or two days, there are some things I always, always pack.  Apart from the standard things like clothes, slippers and so on, here are my travel staples: