Picture of the Month: Venice

I’ve been fascinated with Venice for as long as I can remember.  I think it’s the idea of a whole city (brick and mortar houses and everything) on water.  I was a bit sad when I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love and she didn’t seem to like Venice.  That experience made my love for…

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Picture of the month: Prague

I recently met a woman who was from Prague.  I immediately thought of the movie, Mission Impossible 1, with Tom Cruise.  Part of the movie was set in Prague and the place seemed so exotic to me that it always stayed on my mind.  When I met the lady from Prague, that part of my…

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Travel pictures: Barcelona

Here are some pictures I took in Barcelona This is Sagrada Familia, a church in Barcelona.  Work began on it in 1882.  The famous architect, Antoni Gaudi took over work on the church in 1883 and continued until he died in 1926.  It is estimated that construction of the church will be completed in

Picture of the month: Copenhagen

I have a friend who said her father whenever he was irritated by his family would jokingly threaten to move to Denmark.  He never intended to move of course but my friend said he often waxed lyrical about how lovely Copenhagen and the whole of Denmark was.  He said it was a beautiful, sane place…

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Holidays with Tunde Aladese

Watching flamenco dancers in Spain was one of the things that made Tunde’s holiday in Spain memorable. 1. Tell us about the very first holiday you remember taking. Ever, ever? I guess road trips with my family are my earliest memories. Either going to Ondo state (where my parents are from) or going to Niger…

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Picture of the month: Malaga

Many years ago, I met someone who said he had spent his honeymoon in Malaga, Spain.  I was entranced.  At the time, very few Nigerians I knew actually went on honeymoon so spending it somewhere exotic like Malaga was practically unheard of.  Today, of course, Nigerians honeymoon all over the world.  Honeymoons are still not…

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