‘Round the world ticket (September 2012)


Here are links to some great articles I found on the net.

Nigeria’s Independence Day is on October 1.  With a long weekend coming up soon, this post gives ideas on things to do with the extra time on your hands.

Helen Gurley Brown was Editor of Cosmopolitan for 32 years and was behind several firsts in the magazine industry. Here’s a short article about her.

I’m a fan of doing things (eating out, travelling etc) by yourself.  Sarah’s post offers tips on how to enjoy doing things like that on your own.

 I would love to holiday in New York some day and when I do, the things in this How-Not-to-Look-Like-a-Tourist post will be useful 🙂

 Quirky: How your star sign influences your travel life.

Dubai on a budget.

I love nail art so I was totally fascinated by Shevonne’s nail polish collection.  Wow!