What to reveal about your past when dating

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What should a woman tell the person she’s dating about her past?  All of it?  Some of it? Or none of it?  This topic was brought up in my Whatsapp group, The Magnetic Woman, recently and it generated a lot of interest so I thought I’d do a video about it.

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Now let’s get back to the topic for today.   The question I’m trying to answer is ‘Should a woman reveal everything about her past when she’s dating?’  If she has had an abortion, if she has been raped before, if she has a child or an STI, should she tell the person that she’s dating all of this?


The first thing I’d like to say is if a woman has a child, she should tell the person she’s dating because a child is not something that should be hidden.


The next thing is that if a woman has a health issue that is going to affect the health of the person that she’s dating, for example, if she has an STI that has no cure such as herpes or HIV then she should tell the person that she’s dating.  Preferably, she should tell the person before the relationship turns sexual.  It’s only nice.  It’s the best thing to do.


Following that, if a woman has had an abortion or she has been raped, should she tell the person that she’s dating?  I feel that these things are personal and only you can decide if you should tell the person you’re dating these things.   For example, if you’ve been raped or had an abortion in the past, and you feel that you should tell the person that you’re dating that, cool!  If you feel that these are things that you want to take with you to the grave then that is fine as well.


One last thing.  I read in the papers about a really popular couple who were going through a nasty divorce.  The husband told reporters that his wife, when she was young, had had an incestuous relationship with her father.  I felt terrible for the woman when I read this.  This was a secret that she had told her husband when they first got together and were deeply in love.  And now that things were turning sour, he had told her secret to the whole world and told reporters that.  My question to you now is ‘If she hadn’t told her ex-husband that story, would he have been able to use it against her?’  The answer, of course, is ‘no’.


I’m all for honesty in relationships but there are some things you should keep to yourself.  However, only you can decide what to keep to yourself and what to reveal.


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