What happens when you marry before you’re ready

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Hiya!  Lots of women marry before they really want to.  They get to a certain age, feel they should be married by now and marry the man that seems most suitable for the job – whether they love him or not.  That is a BIG mistake!  Many women marry before they’re ready, before they’ve found the person they truly want to spend the rest of their lives with and that leads to problems.  To help prevent that, today I’m going to be talking about the problems that happen when you get married before you’re ready.

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Women tend to want to get married in a hurry.  It’s not really our fault you know.   It’s the way the society is built.  You’ve barely finished school and you’re barely working when everybody starts asking you – “When are you going to get married? When are you going to get married?”  The pressure can get to you and it can drive one crazy.  In fact, it does get to some women and then they do get married before they’re ready.


There are two major problems that happen when you get married before you are ready.  The very first one is that you’ll marry the wrong person.  It’s very sad but some women are in such a big rush to get married that they don’t really think about the person or their own personality either and they just get married.  It’s after they’ve gotten married that they realize that they are not really suited to the person that they married.  You know, they fight all the time, intimacy is down to zero and they are just unhappy.  Getting married in a hurry can make you marry the wrong person.


The second problem that happens if you get married in a hurry is that you’ll develop FOMO,   you’ll develop a fear of missing out.  You’re married now and all of a sudden, all the things that you can’t do because you are married start appealing to you.  Suddenly you want to travel the world and your husband is like “Are you joking?”


Or you want to go out all night or the new guy in your office is looking really, really cute and you just keep imagining making out with him.  All the things that may not have appealed to you if you were single, suddenly seem so attractive because you’ve married the wrong person and marrying the wrong person can happen when you marry in a hurry.


Please don’t rush to get married, there’s no point. You have the rest of your life to do so.  The mistakes that come when you get married in a hurry are so difficult to correct.  Some of them are never corrected and it just makes one’s life unhappy for the entire period of time.  Please don’t give in to pressure.  Stay single as long as you need to and study the other person properly before you get married.


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