Picture of the month: Manaus, Brazil

manaus brazil picture of the month

Thanks to the 2014 World Cup, TV is full of programmes about Brazil.  While I’ve always wanted to go to Rio, I saw a travel feature about Manaus and now feel it’s another Brazilian city worth visiting.  Manaus is the capital of the Amazonas where the Amazon forest is located.  I had always thought the Amazon was all about the jungle but there’s a bustling city right in the centre of it and that city is Manaus.  Generally, one gets to Manaus by boat or plane and it was once the richest city in South America.  The story goes that the wealthy there hired people to light their cigars and gave fine wine to their horses to drink.  Imagine that!  Evidence of the once wealthy city can still be seen in places like its amazing opera house.  Ever been to Manaus before?  What was it like for you?


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