The one reason you can’t find love

the one reason you can't find love

Today, I’m going to be talking about what is probably the biggest thing standing between you and true love.  So, if you’re a single woman who has been trying to find true love for ages this is the video for you.

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What I’m going to say next is exactly what is keeping you and has been keeping you from finding the love that you want.  The reason that you haven’t found true love after all this time is because of one thing and that thing is your negative belief about love.


In this video, I’m going to be pointing out the negative beliefs that you have about love so that you can become aware of them and then start to change them so that you can THEN attract true love into your life.  Once you’ve identified your negative beliefs and you are ready to start changing them and you put in the work to change them, true love is going to come into your life like that.


Ready?  Let’s begin!  So, what are your beliefs about love?  Not sure what they are?  Let me help you.  I’ll ask you a few questions.  When you’re talking to your friends or close family members or people close to you, generally, do you find yourself saying things like ‘I don’t believe love exists between a man and a woman’, ‘All men are the same’, ‘There’s no such thing as love’, ‘I don’t believe in love’, ‘All men are useless’.  Do you find yourself saying those things?  If you do then you have negative beliefs about love.


Saying things like that, even to yourself, shows that you don’t even believe that love exists and if you don’t believe that love exists, how can you find it?  How can you attract it into your life if you don’t believe it exists?


To attract love, you have to believe in it and that is why you need to change your negative beliefs about love.  Your negative belief about love is the number one reason why you haven’t found love yet.


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