Mistakes women make when they first start dating someone

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As a relationship coach for single women over the age of 30, I see women making the same mistakes over and over again when it comes to dating.  I made many of these mistakes myself and that’s why it hurts me to see other women making those same mistakes.  I’m making this video because I don’t want women out there to make the same mistakes I and even other woman have made.  So today, I’m going to be talking about mistakes that women make when they first start dating someone.

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The 1st mistake that women make when they first start dating someone is ignoring the red flags.  A red flag is a sign that something is not right.  In this context, it could mean that someone is NOT for you.  For example, you could find that every time the two of you go out, he seems to get drunk and violent but because he is nice and sweet at other times, you ignore that red flag.  Or you find that when you’re with him, his phone is constantly ringing and it’s always one girl or the other or it’s always one particular girl.  Or you could find that soon after you start dating him, he asks you to lend him money.  Red flags come in many forms.  What matters is that when you see a red flag, you don’t ignore it.


The 2nd mistake women make when they first start dating someone is trying to speed up the relationship.  Women often do this when they feel like they’re too old to be single or when they want to have a child pretty soon.  The irony is that the more you try to speed up a relationship, the longer it’s going to take you to get into a really great relationship.


Women try to speed up relationships in all sorts of ways.  They might start talking about marriage when they barely know the guy, they might deliberately get pregnant within a short time of meeting him or they might move in with the guy within weeks of meeting him.  These are all examples of women trying to speed up relationships.


And though there are exceptions to the rule, generally, when a woman tries to speed up a relationship with a guy, the result is usually that the guy runs very far away.  So, if you just started dating somebody, don’t try to speed up the relationship.  Let things unfold slowly and you’ll find yourself in more satisfying relationships.


The 3rd mistake women make when they first start dating somebody is dropping friends and family.  Some women, when they start dating somebody, they start ignoring their own friends and family.  This is a bad idea for many reasons.  The first is that no one person can be your everything.  It’s simply not possible.  Besides, it puts so much pressure on the other person and even on the relationship so it might cause the relationship to break down when it wouldn’t have ordinarily.  Relying on the person you just started dating for fun, finances, love, sartorial advice and everything else is just not a good idea.


Another reason why dropping friends and family when you first start dating somebody new is not a good idea is because if you go through a rough patch or if you guys break up, having to crawl back towards the friends and family you dumped a while ago could be very embarrassing for you.  Apart from that, the people who were there for you before you dumped them, their love for you might not be the same and you’ll find that your relationship with them is never as good as it was before you left them.  Don’t drop friends and family just because you just started dating somebody.  Keep your friends and family close and you’ll have a fuller, richer life.


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