Why men leave good women

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From time to time, I hear this theory that men leave good women.  Because this is a very real fear for many women, I decided to make that the topic of today’s video.  In today’s video, I’m going to be talking about why men leave good women.

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First of all, let’s talk about what a good woman is.  The definition of a good woman of course varies from person to person and that makes sense so a good woman can be described in a very broad sense.


For example, is a good woman a virgin?  If that virgin is someone who is always insulting her guy’s family, is she still a good woman?  Is a good woman a woman who is hardworking?  If she is hardworking but is always lying, is she still a good woman?  Nobody is just one trait.  Nobody is one-dimensional.  Nobody is just one characteristic so let’s let the strict definitions of what a good woman is go.


For the purpose of this video, whoever you think is a good woman IS a good woman.  So, if you think your sister, your cousin, your mother, you are good women, then they are.


Now, let’s get into the topic of today’s video – why men leave good women.  The thing is that men do not leave good women, they leave ALL women.  At least, they leave women until they find the right woman for them, until they find the woman they want to settle down with.


So it’s not that a man leaves a woman because she’s good.  It’s that a man leaves a woman because she’s not good for him.   The fact that a man leaves a woman does not make him a bad person.  Just like you leaving a man does not make you a bad person.


Women leave men for all sorts of reasons and it’s the same thing with men.  A man can leave a woman who is beautiful, faithful and hardworking but if she’s nasty and rude to him, he is going to leave her.  The thing is that people on the outside who don’t know what’s going on in that relationship will be shocked when the man leaves that woman because they see the woman as a good woman.


But to him, the man knows what he is going through in the relationship.  He knows the insults that he gets every day and he is not going to care about what other people think.  He is going to leave that woman whether other people think she’s a good woman or not.


A man can leave a woman who is kind, financially-supportive and great in bed but he is going to leave her if he is not ready for a healthy, happy and steady relationship. People on the outside, once again, will be shocked when he leaves but the truth is that the man is not ready for that kind of relationship.  He just cannot handle it.


So in the end, it’s not that men leave good women.  They leave relationships when they are unhappy in those relationships – no matter how good or bad the woman is.


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