Living in Lagos (June 2011)

This feature shows, through pictures, what living in Lagos is like for me.  It’s a picture-heavy post that will hopefully help you get the vibe of Lagos from a particular perspective.  I hope you enjoy it.

I do a lot of driving (probably over 100km a week) and my car isn’t the most efficient so I buy new tyres pretty often.  This means that sessions at the vulcaniser’s are pretty regular for me.


I’ve had this little netbook for only a few months but I love it mostly because it’s light.  My last laptop was so big and heavy lugging it around gave me backache.   My Dell laptop’s white cover is a great backdrop for my nails too 😉

I had to buy a few things at a supermarket and for some reason, I was distracted when leaving home and went out while wearing rubber slippers.  Wearing rubber slippers outdoors (unless you’re on your way to the beach) isn’t really done in Lagos.  So, oops.  I guess.

Chapman is a great-tasting drink unique to Nigeria.  At least, I think it’s unique to this country because bartenders outside the country don’t seem to know it.

Here’s the meal I had at a friend’s birthday party.  It’s a typical meal at parties in Lagos:  jollof rice, chicken, fish and coleslaw.  The rice being shaped into breast-like mounds isn’t typical though.  The caterer here must have a sense of humour.

I’m studying for an MBA so textbooks are a constant part of my life at the moment.

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