Living in Lagos (January 2013)

Over the holidays, I took a photograph everyday and put it up on Instagram.  I’ve chosen a few to put up here.  They give an idea of what I did over the holidays and since I spent the time in Lagos, they fit right in with my usual Living in Lagos posts.


I got this from my niece and I love it!  It made me smile so much.


I had thought I would spend the holiday seriously partying.  Instead, I spent it seriously studying.


I moved my nail polish collection from my table into this little basket and now it looks like I don’t have as many as I thought.  Must work harder 😉


Pizza is my favourite junk food.  Full stop.


I loved this nail polish so much when I applied it but it chipped so much, all the love just fell away.  It was a real life example of all that glitters isn’t wonderful and I threw the polish away.  It was by a brand called Mintel, by the way.


I love having breakfast this way.  I did this a couple of times over the holiday.


I really like perfume although I mostly wear the same three over and over.  Only one of my favourites can be seen in this picture though.



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