Living in Lagos (August 2011)

This feature shows, through pictures, what living in Lagos is like for me.  It’s a picture-heavy post that will hopefully help you get the vibe of Lagos from a particular perspective.  I hope you enjoy it.



Plantain chips are a common snack in Lagos.  There was a time I ate them almost everyday but now I can’t remember the last time I did so.  I guess it was a phase.


The magazine rack in a local bookstore.  Being here is my version of being a kid in a candy store.

My brother loves taking photographs.

It was his birthday recently so the whole family went over to celebrate with him.

The typical Lagos taxi is bright yellow with black stripes.

I went to buy a few things at Spar supermarket and spent most of my time eating pizza in the restaurant on the 1st floor instead – way more fun 😉

I think silver nail polish looks unusual but nice.

It was my sister-in-law’s birthday too recently and she got a white forest cake.  We had eaten almost half of it before I remembered I was a blogger/ amateur photographer.  Ooops!


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