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ibrahim samande

Ibrahim Samande

1.    Describe Lagos in three words.

Crazy, Pretentious, Competitive.

2.    What’s your favourite thing to do in Lagos?

Fine dining.

3.    What’s your favourite bar or club in Lagos and why?

Rhapsody’s for its decently-priced cocktails, international/opulent crowd and decent customer-service.

4.    What’s your favourite restaurant in Lagos and why?

Sky Lounge, Eko Hotel.  I love the view and the ambience is just right. The grand piano there is the icing on the cake.

5.    Where is your favourite place to shop in Lagos?

Ikeja City Mall.

6.    What do you love about Lagos?

There are some stunning women in this town, geez!

7.    If you met someone new to Lagos, how would you suggest they spend a day in the city?

Assuming it’s a Saturday (so there’s not a lot of traffic), start your day with a good breakfast at Orchid Bistro. This café with its orchid garden is a breath of fresh air. The food is good and the environment is peaceful.  It’s located off Isaac John in GRA Ikeja. Then take a drive down to the Lagos Marina, get the feel of what the downtown Lagos feels and looks like.  I would suggest parking your car and walking at least 10 blocks to get the full experience. Then you need to check out some of our private beaches. You’ll need to charter a boat or hitch a ride with someone who owns one.  Spend the day out there enjoying the sand, waves and gentle bake of our West African sun. Then make your way back by sunset and once you’ve freshened up, treat yourself to some fine dining at the Sky Lounge, located at the penthouse of Eko Hotel.  When you’ve had your fill, head down to Bogobiri House located off Maitama Sule in Ikoyi for some wine and decent live music. That would be my ideal Saturday 🙂


Ibrahim Samande is a singer, songwriter and visual artist.  Follow him on Twitter here.     To download his latest single, Amina, click here.


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