How to tell if he loves you

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When you first get into a relationship with a guy, more often than not, you soon start wondering when he will say the words ‘I love you’.  Women set a lot of store by those words.  Even if his friends tells you the guy is totally crazy about you and your friends say it looks like he has fallen head-over-heels for you, you’ll still wonder why he hasn’t said ‘the magic words’ yet.  When the guy finally does get ‘round to telling you he loves you, you bask in the romance of it for a moment then start wondering if he really meant it.

We women can be difficult to please.  Or maybe it’s just that we’re full of insecurities.  Either way, the period of glory when you feel like the world is a beautiful place because the guy you’re dating just said he loved you is often quickly replaced with a moment of doubt.  It’s like the down a drug user feels when the high he gets from his drug of choice has worn off.  It’s an unhappy place to be.

So, after much agonising, wondering and worrying (on your part), the guy finally said he loved you.  Now you’re wondering if he really meant it.  How can you tell if he really loves you?  How do you know he’s not just saying it?  Well, unless you’re a mind-reader, you will never really know.  While you may never be sure if a guy loves you, usually, you’ll have a pretty good idea.

The irony of the situation is that the best way to tell if a guy really loves you is not from the things he says but from the things he does.  If a guy loves you, he will treat you in a way that makes it clear that he loves you.  From his actions, you will be almost certain that he meant it when he told you that he loved you.  What’s more, he will be consistent in those loving actions.  For example:  if a guy picks you up from home, takes you to work, picks you up after work and takes you back home in heavy traffic, he truly values you.  If he does all that but regularly makes you cry from all the pain and drama he brings, I doubt that he loves you very much – even if he says it every day.

If a guy goes out of his way to make you happy, if he does things you like simply because you like them, if he shows he values your opinion and he does these things consistently, know that he is desperately trying to show you that he loves you.  But really, there’s no need for me to tell you that because if a guy truly loves you, you will feel it in your gut.  Somehow, even though you’re not a mind-reader, you will know.

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