How to get relief from IBS

I have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and have had it for some time. Being ill and not knowing why, even after seeing doctors and doing numerous tests, is terrible. After that, the worst thing is NOT knowing how to treat the issue because IBS has no cure. It is also pretty uncommon in Nigeria, where I live. Or perhaps it is common but not many people know they have it because it is very difficult to diagnose.

Having IBS and not knowing how to deal with it is horrible. I spent hours researching, crying and researching as I lost weight and wondered what would become of me. Little by little, I noticed foods that made me feel worse and foods that I could tolerate. I paid for information, services and products that I hoped would help and some did while others did not.

If you have IBS, I don’t want you to go through the pain and stress I went through to find the foods that I could tolerate. For that reason, I have made a 7-day meal plan for people with IBS. The main thing that differentiates this meal plan from anything you will find online is that it includes Nigerian food. Remember, IBS is not well-known in Nigeria so most of the information you’ll find online features Western or European food, which I happen to love, by the way. It’s just that sometimes, I want to eat Nigerian food too.

So if you have IBS, want to calm your symptoms and want an IBS-friendly food guide that includes Nigerian food, buy my 7-day meal plan for people with IBS today. You can get it right now by clicking here.  Oh, and follow my Instagram account on living with IBS @lapehelpsyou, you’ll find useful tips and advice there.  As always, I wish you love and strength!