How to find the right man for you

how to find the right man for you

As a single woman (especially one over 30), it’s easy to believe that there are no good men out there but that simply isn’t true.  The right man for you is out there.  You just have to find him and therein lies the problem for many single women – finding the right man.

So, how do you go about finding the right man for you?  First, you have to believe that the right man for you exists.  If you’re a rational person, you’ll know that the existence of the right person for you is almost a certainty.  There are billions of men in the world so the probability that none of them will have what you’ve looking for is very low.  In fact, the chances are that there is more than one person out there for you.  Don’t get hung up on the idea that there is only one ‘right’ man for you and that you are desperately searching for the human equivalent of a needle in a haystack.  Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself.  If you’re a more emotional kind of person, simply hold the belief in your heart that there are many men out there who would make you happy and with a little effort on your part, you will find him.

Once you believe that the right man for you is somewhere in the world waiting to come into your life, the next thing to do is to write down what exactly you mean by the ‘right’ man for you.  It may seem obvious but many women don’t know who exactly their perfect man is.  It’s easy to say something like “Idris Elba is my ideal guy” but what about Idris makes him the right man for you?  Is it because you think he is cute?  Is it because he is black?  Is it because he is an actor?  All those are superficial traits anyway but they give you a place to start so write down the traits the right man for you would have.  Read your list every day so that an image of your Mr. Right forms in your mind and stays there constantly.

Finally, stay away from men who are NOT like your ideal man.  This means comparing guys who want to date you to the image of your ideal man (whose traits you should be able rattle off on demand within a week of writing them down).  If for example, your ideal man always has time for you, there is no point having a relationship with a guy who has to schedule you in between meetings or who can only meet up with you when most people are about to sleep.  You have a choice in this matter.  Don’t date someone you know is the opposite of what you want just to pass time.  It can only end in heartache.

A word of caution:  when coming up with the list of traits your ideal man would have, don’t come up with a 4-page list of every positive characteristic known to man.  Be realistic.  Write down the traits that are most important to you, for example, religion, how he feels about children (if you want them), what he thinks about women having jobs and so on.  A shorter list will help you focus and is more likely to lead you to the right man for you

Remember, the perfect man does not exist but the perfect man for you does and if you are determined and open-minded, you will find him.

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