How to be happy and single

how to be happy and single

If you’re a single woman in your 30’s and you don’t want to be, it can be kind of depressing.  The culture we have here in Nigeria is that when a woman is single and of a certain age, she’s looked down upon and treated a bit like a second class citizen and that can really make you feel bad. It’s a crazy situation but it’s the truth. That’s how it is here in Nigeria.   Dealing with the subtle and not so subtle insult that you get in Nigeria as an older single woman is the reason I decided to do this video.

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Today’s video is how to be happy as a single, especially if you are a single woman over 30.  I’m not sure you know this but I was a single woman in 30’s as well.  I didn’t get married until I was 34 so I’m probably one of the best people to give advice on this topic.  After I got married, my friends started asking me how I had managed to stay happy when I was in my 30’s.  I didn’t think there was anything to it but so many people asked me that that I was like ‘okay’, apparently, I knew some things that other people didn’t and for that reason and because I know that it’s such a big issue in Nigeria, I decided to make this video and I think I’m definitely one of the best people to give advice on this so let’s begin!


I have three tips for you on how to be happy while you’re single especially if you’re a single woman in your 30’s.  My very first tip is that you should decide right now that no matter what, you are going to be happy and no matter what happens to you, you’re going to do your best to be happy, no matter the situation. Once you take that decision, you will start to feel better, I assure you of that.


My second tip on how to be happy while you’re single is to start doing things you think you like and that you have never done before.  Go out of your comfort zone.  It actually doesn’t really matter what those things are.  Of course, stay legal and do things that are moral but start doing new things and this doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Let me give you an example, I went to an art exhibition the other day and it cost about N1,000 to get in, that’s less than 4USD.  It doesn’t have to be expensive. Entrance into many of the beaches in Lagos here cost about the same thing – less than 4USD.  So, if you brainstorm and you’re creative, you will find things that you can do that are not expensive – new things.  Just brainstorm, just think about it and start doing new things. You’ll find out that you’ll start getting excited about life all over again and you’ll become a happier person.


My final top for you on how to be happy as a single woman in your 30s is to constantly work towards your goals, those goals that don’t have to do with love, romance, and marriage. Just take your focus off that and work towards your goals.  For example, if you have always wanted to start a business, go on and look for free online courses on how to start a business, particularly the kind of business that you want to start.


If you’ve always wanted to travel, do some research.  Find out what exactly it is that you need to do if you want to travel.  What are the documents you need?  What are the requirements?  Just research them.  If you know that you want to go higher in the corporate world, then look into doing another degree or some short courses.


Whatever it is, start working towards your goals and do them constantly. Doing so will make you feel like you’re achieving something.  And it’s not just a feeling because the truth is that you ARE achieving something.  So make sure that you do something every day that leads you towards your goals.  When you finally actually reach those goals, you’ll be so proud of yourself.


So those are my 3 tips for you.  I hope you’ll try them out.  Also, if you want more tips from me, you can check out my free e-book in my free online library.  Get into my free online library by clicking here.


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