How to attract a man you like

how to attract a man you like

As a relationship coach who helps single women over the age of 30 attract and keep the right man for them, I often get asked how to attract the man you like.  So that’s what I’m going to be talking about in this video today.  Today, I’m going to be talking about how to attract a man that you like.

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To help you attract a man that you like, I’m going to be giving 3 tips today.  The 1st tip is to make sure that you’re in the realm of his existence.  By this, I mean, make sure you even know that the man exists.  If a guy does not even know that you exist, it’s going to be difficult for him to be attracted to you.  Of course, it’s still possible but it’s very very difficult.  So make things easier for yourself.


Find a way for your paths to cross regularly.  Now, don’t do anything illegal or unethical here.  But, for example, you can do things like, if you know he’s into fitness, join the same gym as him.  Or if he’s a celebrity, for example, get a job in the entertainment industry.  Brainstorm ideas.  Get yourself seen by this man that you like and you stand a greater chance of attracting him into your life.


My 2nd tip on how to attract a man that you like is to find out everything that you can about him.  You can find out things about him on social media but please, don’t go overboard here, don’t stalk him – even on social media.  By the time you find yourself five years into his feed and you know the names of his last 3 girlfriends, you know that you have gone too far.


The key here is to find out as much as you can about him so that you can chat with him about things that he likes, not so that you alarm him with your very specific and intimate knowledge of his life.  So as a reminder, my second tip is to find out everything you can about him.


My 3rd tip on how to attract a man that you like is to visualise.  By now, I’ve done several videos on how to use visualisation like this.  You can watch those videos on my channel but essentially, visualisation is actively using your imagination to get a result that you want.


So in this case, what you would be doing is actively imagining what a life with this man that you like would be like.  What would a weekday with him be like?  What would it be like to spend a weekend with him?  Go all out with your imagination.  The more real your visualisation feels to you, the more likely you are to attract this man into your life.


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