How NOT to be a jealous girlfriend

how NOT to be a jealous girlfriend

Are you a woman whose relationships are fraught with jealous rage?  Has this behaviour cost you, big time?  Are you tired of being an angry, jealous girlfriend?  If you are then I’d like to say ‘welcome’ because I’ve made this video specially for you.  Today, I’m going to be talking about how NOT to be a jealous girlfriend.

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I know a woman who went to a bar with her husband.  She caught the husband looking at another woman and slapped him – right there in the bar then they started fighting.  Of course, they were thrown out of the bar because that’s just crazy.  Today, that couple is still married but the man consistently cheats on her.


I know of another woman who went through her husband’s pockets every single day.  One day, she found a note in his pocket that said ‘Thank you for the gift’ and went ballistic.  When she finally gave the husband a chance to explain, he said that the note was from his friend’s younger sister, a 12-year old girl that he had given a book. The little girl had written a note to him thanking him and that was the note that the wife found in his pocket.


The wife then phoned her husband’s friend to confirm the story and when she found out that the story was true, she went back to her husband to beg him.  But that kind of behaviour was typical of her and today, that couple is divorced.  Now, I’m not saying that her jealousy is the reason why that couple is divorced but it certainly couldn’t have helped that relationship.


As a woman, in fact, as a human being, you have to learn to keep your jealousy in check.  Your jealousy is ruining your relationships.  If you say you’re jealous because your man misbehaves then you shouldn’t be with him.  You shouldn’t date someone who brings out the negativity in you all the time! If you’re in a relationship that you value, if you think that you have a good guy and you don’t want your jealous streak to destroy this relationship then I have a few tips for you.


My very 1st tip is to treat your partner or your boyfriend the way that you would want to be treated.  Don’t tell me that you’ve never looked at a cute guy before.  If you look at a cute guy outside and your boyfriend or your husband catches you, what would you like him to do.  If you would want him to roll his eyes and continue talking to you, if you would want him to tease you mercilessly, if you would want him to just ignore what you did and continue like that, then that should be your if you see him looking at another woman as well.  Of course, there are boundaries with everything.  I’m not saying that it’s okay for you to go out with your man and he should crane his neck, trying to look at another woman’s bum.  That is rude on many different levels.


In this video, with the tips I am giving, we’re working on the premise that you have a good guy, a polite guy, a nice person, however, somebody who is still a human being.  He would not disrespect you by obviously ogling other women in public but he would still check out other women once in a while because he is human, because it is the same thing that you do as well.  It is based on you having this kind of guy that I’m giving these tips.


My 2nd tip on how NOT to be a jealous girlfriend is to develop your own self-confidence.  You have to love yourself and grow in the knowledge that you are worthy.  You have to teach yourself to believe that your husband or your boyfriend or your partner is not going to leave you for some random woman on the street.


Don’t get me wrong.  I know that men regularly leave their wives or their partners for other women but it’s not your maniacal behaviour that is going to stop him from doing that.  It is something inside your man that is going to keep him with you, something inside your man that is going to make him stay or make him leave.  So, don’t keep acting like a police detective in your own home.  If a man wants to leave, he will leave but you having confidence in yourself is enough to encourage a man to stay because deep down, strong men like confident women.


My 3rd tip on how NOT to be a jealous girlfriend is to stop listening to people who encourage you to be the jealous, angry woman that you DON’T want to be anymore.  You know the people I’m talking about.  If you have friends who encourage you to go through your husband’s phone every day, if you have friends who tell you about how they slapped their husband the other day, if you have friends who generally encourage you to be the ugly monster you don’t want to be anymore, cut them out of your life.  Make friends with women who encourage you to be the woman that you want to be and you’ll find that your relationship with your partner will become more peaceful.


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