Hotel Review: Transcorp Calabar

transcorp hotel calabar

A room at Transcorp Hotel, Calabar

Transcorp Hotel, Calabar which used to be known as Metropolitan Hotel is a 132-room hotel located in central Calabar.  Thanks to its location, the hotel isn’t far from the airport and main points of interest like the Marina Resort.  Checking in at Transcorp was relatively painless and the staff were polite.  Although one of the more expensive hotels in Calabar, Transcorp’s prices seemed reasonable – room rates start at about N35,000 a night.

desk area in Transcorp Calabar hotel room

The desk area in the room I stayed in at Transcorp, Calabar.  On the TV is one of the educational channels I prefer 😉

I found my room and bathroom clean and a reasonable size.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that one had access to quite a few satellite channels on the TV.  I find that many hotels only have 5 or so but Transcorp had about 20.  Room service wasn’t very speedy though.  The food I ordered took 45 minutes to arrive.  Speaking of food, it was disappointing.  I always had to ask for salt and the buffet breakfast seemed pretty limited, for example, it was either Nigerian-style scrambled eggs or no eggs at all.  Once, I ordered a Chapman and it was so bad, I spat it out.  They had apparently put the juice of an orange about to go bad in it.  When the barman saw that I barely touched my drink, he tasted it, agreed with me and apologised.

Although Transcorp Calabar has a great location with reasonable prices and polite staff, the food leaves a lot to be desired.  If you like staying in large hotels, Transcorp, Calabar may be for you.


Address:  10 Murtala Mohammed Highway, Calabar.


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