Hotel Review: Framissima Palm Beach, Saly, Senegal

Framissima is a huge hotel in the seaside town of Saly, about 2 hours drive from Dakar, the capital of Senegal.  The rooms at Framissima or Fram as it is sometimes called aren’t luxurious by any means (it was the first hotel room I had ever come across that didn’t have a fridge) but what it lacks in opulence, it more than makes up for in activities.

View of one of the pools at Framissima at sunrise

Fram’s location is its first plus.  The hotel is right by the beach so you can wake up and walk right to the ocean for a spot of swimming or just a stroll.  The front of the hotel opens onto what passes for the local high street where there are supermarkets, bars and a shop where you can rent quad-bikes.  Aside from that, the hotel organises activities everyday from aqua-aerobics to cultural shows to gala dinners.  With two swimming pools, a spa, watersports, a tennis court, a great restaurant, 2 bars and its own nightclub, it’ll be very difficult for you to come up with a reason for leaving the hotel.  Fram also organises trips (at a fee) to local tourist attractions like Goree Island, the Pink Lake and popular markets.  If you do decide to go to Framissima, I suggest you take the all-inclusive package which (as of the time of writing) includes all meals, all soft drinks and some alcoholic drinks.

One of the rooms at the hotel

If you can’t tell by now, I loved staying at Framissima.  I loved the helpful staff at reception who spoke English (and didn’t laugh at my dodgy French), the fabulous food and the ten-thousand (it seemed) things to do it offered.  If I go to Saly again, I would definitely stay at Framissima.

 The sitting area in the hotel room

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