Holidays with Funsho Ogundipe

castle in switzerland

A castle in Switzerland.  Funsho’s most memorable holiday was in Switzerland.

1.Tell us about the very first holiday you remember going on.

I believe it was going on a visit to Ilesha. Like most children, we enjoyed climbing trees, exploring the area and eating lots of food.

2. What has been your most memorable holiday?

Visiting Geneva in Switzerland and driving into France through the Swiss border.  I went mountain climbing, visited old chateaux, ate apples, fed horses sugar and sailed in a yacht.

3. What do you like most about vacations?

Exploring cultures and meeting people.

4. What do you hate most about vacations?

Parting from newly-made friends and lovers.

5. How would you spend your perfect day on holiday?

I would start with having a nice breakfast then taking a long walk exploring local landmarks. I would then visit local craftsmen and check out their wares before ending up at a cafe where I can mix with the locals.

6. Where would you most like to go on holiday?

Cuba.  Why? The culture and people fascinate me.


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Funsho Ogundipe is a Composer and Pianist. He is Music Director of the band Ayetoro and is the composer of the tunes Revenge of the Flying Monkeys and Something Dey.  He is also a filmmaker and lives in Lagos.  Follow him on Twitter here