How to handle pressure from married friends


Today, I’ll be talking about how to deal with the pressure you get from married friends when YOU are single.


If you’re single and feel under pressure from friends who are married, this video is for you!  This situation may be familiar to you.  You and your friends were all single wondering when you’re going to get married and tired of the pressure you’re getting from people to marry guys you don’t like at all.  You guys talk about how people keep trying to matchmaker you with unsuitable guys and how you hate that people say that you’re picky.


Then one by one, your friends get married and you notice that they start trying to matchmaker you with unsuitable guys and telling you that you’re too picky.  All of a sudden, they’re doing to you all the things you guys complained about TOGETHER!  It’s like they’ve totally forgotten what it feels like to be single.  How on earth do you deal with that?  This video contains 3 tips you can use so definitely check it out!


Click on the image below to watch the video.


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