How to handle office romance

how to handle office romance

Hi lovelies!  Today, I’m going to be talking about how to handle an office romance.  That’s a really juicy topic so I hope you’ll check out the whole post.

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We all know that we spend a lot of time in the office.  It’s only natural that we’ll fall in love with somebody in the office.  However, before you start dating someone in your office, you need to find out your office’s policy on dating.  There are some offices that do NOT approve of people dating.  They don’t approve of it at all and you will be fired if they find out that you’ve been dating somebody in the office.


However, there are some offices that are okay with office romances but they don’t like you dating your junior employee or your junior colleague.  So they will only be okay with you dating someone that is on the same level as you.  Find out your office policy on dating first of all.


The second thing you need to note is that no matter how secret you try to keep it, an office romance is going to come out in the end.  So, how would you feel about that?  How would you feel if people are talking about you and it’s your gist they are talking about in the office canteen?  How would you feel if you were dating your junior and your colleagues found out?  How would you feel if you were dating your colleague and your boss found out?  Would you be okay with it?  Think about it.


The next thing you need to think about is that some romances will end.  Not everything will lead to marriage.  If your office romance ends today, how will you handle it?  Will you still be able to go to work or will you be crying every day?  Will you be able to handle it?  Will it be a situation where your boss will call you in and say your work is no longer up to par and ask you what’s going on?  How would you handle it if your office romance ended?  Think about it.


I heard about a situation where a guy and a girl were dating but then they broke up.  The next thing, the guy started dating someone else in the same office!  Can you imagine how his ex-girlfriend felt?  She felt terrible.


So these are all the issues you should think about if you want to have an office romance.  Of course an office romance can be exciting, particularly at the beginning when it’s secret but there are many things that can make you feel upset about it so weigh the two options.  In life, nothing is greater or more important than love but you have to be sensible with it.


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