How to handle money and men

how to handle money

It’s a tricky business handling money and men, especially if you guys are just dating and aren’t in a committed relationship yet.  To help you navigate that minefield, I made this video on how to handle money and men.

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Now, if you’re a single woman and you’re dating but you’re not in a committed relationship then this video is for you.  I’m also thinking about making a video on how to handle money and men if you’re in a relationship.  So if you want me to make that video, type in the comment ‘I want that video’ so I’ll know you’re serious and I’ll make that video.  Got it? Okay, good.


So, now let’s get into the topic for today – how to handle money and men as a single woman.  These are my guidelines on the topic.  My first tip on handling money and men is that, if a guy asks you out, he should be the one to pay for that date.  Even if you can afford to pay for the date, do not do so.  He asked you out, he should take you out and he should pay.


Now, I know that a lot of my opinions on money and men are conservative, old fashioned, maybe traditional but they are like that for a reason.  I’ve had a lot of experience.  I’ve studied people, I’ve studied couples, I’ve studied guys and women and I know that these guidelines are very useful.  They will help you from getting frustrated and disappointed, so please follow them.  My first tip like I said is, if a guy asks you out on a date, let-him-pay.


My second tip is that, when you first start dating, no matter what a guy tells you, do not, I repeat, do not lend him money.  Do not lend a guy money when you first start dating no matter what sob story he gives you.


My third and final tip on handling money and men as a single woman is that even if you’re earning more than him, do not shower him with gifts.  Do not overwhelm him with your money.  Do not try to show your love with money.  There’s no point and it’s going to backfire.  The reason you should not do that is because it looks a bit like you’re trying to buy his love.  There’s no need for that.  Do not shower him with gifts when you first start dating.


Now, those are my three guidelines for you.  I hope you’ll find them useful.  My most important tip in anything in life is to follow your gut.  So, if something feels uncomfortable, do not do it.  Okay?  Follow your gut.


I hope you enjoyed this video. Remember, if you want me to make a video on ‘how to handle money and men when you are in a committed relationship’, type ‘I want that video’ in the comments below and I’ll listen and I’ll make that video just for you.


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