What to do when a guy asks your age


Do you often find that as a single woman, one of the first questions guys ask you when they meet you is your age?  If that’s true for you then you’ll love this week’s post!  This week is all about what to do when a guy asks you your age.  Check out today’s video for tips on this topic!

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I chose today’s topic because a friend of mine was talking to me and it turns out that she’s often uncomfortable when a guy asks her her age.  She doesn’t know what to do and she’s clearly bothered by it.


The way I see it, you have 3 choices when a guy asks you your age.  You can:

  1. Decide to ignore the question and not answer or you can answer the question and you can either: a. Lie or b. tell the truth.


But that’s the simple part.  The real issue here is to think about why you even feel uncomfortable answering the question.  You have to deal with those emotions.  So, for example, when a guy asks you how old you are and you’re feeling nervous or shy or angry about the question and you don’t want to answer it, you have to ask yourself why because there’s a reason behind it.


It might be that you feel a little embarrassed because you feel like you’re too old to be single or you might feel that by this age you should have done XYZ or you feel that by this age, you should be married.  Whatever the reason is, you need to think about it and you need to act on that emotion.  You need to deal with it and process that emotion.


You need to get to a stage where you’re comfortable with your age, you’re comfortable being single at your age, you’re comfortable telling people your age, you’re comfortable being happy at your age.  That is the real issue here.


Now, let’s go back to a guy asking you your age.  If a guy asks you your age and you tell him and he appears uninterested or if he decides not to date you simply based on your age, then it’s cool but that guy is NOT for you.  And please try not to be bothered about it.  He is simply not right for you.


The truth is if a guy is crazy about you, your age is not going to matter to him at all.  He is going to go for you and focus on you and he’ll do it in such a way that you’ll be so excited you can’t believe it.


My last thought that I want to share here is that if you don’t want to be judged based on your age, please don’t judge other people based on their own ages.  For example, if you don’t like the fact that somebody can disqualify you, so to speak, based on your age, don’t immediately disqualify a guy based on his own age.  If you meet somebody and he tells you his age and you immediately say in your mind “Oh, this guy is not for me” and you’re saying that just because he’s older than you or younger than you, then you’re not being fair.  You can’t say that people shouldn’t do that to you and then do it to other people.  Try to get to know the guy first.  His age doesn’t matter that much.  If he’s 10 or 15 years younger than you then maybe you should think about it but even then, just get to know the person first and don’t take a decision based only on his age.


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