Going Places with Yetunde Ajayi


Going Places is a regular feature on this blog.  It is an interview-style feature where different personalities tell us the highlights of their holidays.  Enjoy it.


1. Tell us about the very first holiday you remember taking.

The very first holiday I can remember taking was in the good old 80s when my parents decided it would be more fun to go to Kano than to the UK. We travelled by rail and I can remember having so much fun on the train. In those days, the railway in Nigeria was still in a good state. It took a few days to get from Lagos to Kano but the experience is still embedded in my memory. I can’t remember much about what we did in Kano, but I guess the travel experience had enough impact on me.

 2. What is your most memorable holiday?

My most memorable holiday would have to be when I went to Brussels with my then boyfriend, now husband. It was our first holiday together. It was also my first time on the Eurostar trains and I love being on trains (don’t know why); I think it’s because I feel it is such a safe mode of transport.

 I loved Brussels mostly because I got to experience another culture. One thing I found weirdly interesting about Brussels is the fact that they mostly speak French and Dutch and when you go into the shops or restaurants, you always have to find out which they spoke, so they are not necessarily bilingual. Thankfully a few spoke English, so one way or another you can explain yourself.

 I also for the first time got to try food in the street restaurants where the waiters stay on the road side and try to convince you to come to theirs. A bit overwhelming because you don’t know which one to go into, but luckily we had done a little bit of research and had read good reviews about a particular one.

 3. What do you like most about vacations?

I love that I am in a new place and it means I get to learn about the place, the culture,  their ways and so on.  I also like the fact that I just get to relax and forget about work for a few days.

 4. What do you hate most about vacations?

I hate the travel part if it has to do with flying, because I just hate flying.

 5. How would you spend your perfect day on holiday?

My perfect day on holiday would go like this:

-Lovely breakfast in bed in a very nice hotel.

-Spa day at noon which would involve pampering like a nice back massage, facials, time in a sauna or jacuzzi, the whole works.

– Visiting tourist spots like zoos, museums, landmarks, amusement parks etc

– Have a nice lunch.  Although I am not the most adventurous when it comes to food, I will try to eat the city’s delicacy if available.

– Walk around town or stroll near the beach or seaside if possible

– Have dinner whilst watching a jazz band perform or someone singing some blues/ soul music in the background.

God! I guess this would be an ideal day on vacation but as we are not in an ideal world, I might not be able to pack all these events in one day but I guess I can always dream.  Oh and by d way, it would be nice to go on this holiday first class on an airbus 380 (that is sure to quell my fear of flying!).

 6. Where would you most like to go on holiday? Why?

God! This is hard because there are so many places I would like to visit.  I have to say if I was going with my girlfriends, I would like to visit either New York or Las Vegas because I think it would be so much fun visiting a bustling cosmopolitan city.  New York because it would b fun to visit the museums, see Broadway shows, go on a tour guide of the city and just visit this place that I have seen on TV so many many times.  Oh and do some shopping!  Las Vegas because of the night life, those brightly-coloured buildings at night and I have always wondered about casinos.

 If it was holiday with my husband, I would like to go to a really romantic place like Bora Bora, island a few miles away from Tahiti, it just looks so beautiful.  However, if it was a holiday with my hubby and son, I would like to go to Florida so we can enjoy Disney world.



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