Restaurant Review: Bistro 7

Inside Bistro 7 Bistro 7 is a quiet restaurant in Victoria Island offering simple food like pasta, salads, burgers and pizzas.  It has a red, white and black colour scheme which looks cute and a comfortable, home-y looking outdoor seating area. I ordered

Restaurant review: Izanagi, Lagos

Izanagi restaurant Izanagi is a Japanese restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos with dark wood, purple-patterned walls and blue chairs.  The restaurant has soft lighting, a sushi bar and a little room with cushions and a table top on the floor for those who want a more Asian-style dining experience.  I went to Izanagi on a…

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Restaurant Review: Grill Station

Grill Station at Freedom Park Grill Station is one of the restaurants at Freedom Park which is an arts and recreation centre in Lagos.  It is an outdoor restaurant but there are umbrellas to shield you from the glare of the sun even if the

Restaurant Review: Primi Piatti

Inside Primi Piatti restaurant Primi Piatti is an Italian fusion restaurant within a large multi-purpose building in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.  There aren’t that many Italian restaurants in Lagos and as far as I know, Primi Piatti is the only Italian restaurant in Lekki Phase 1 so it is a bit of a novelty.  The…

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Restaurant Review: Rhapsody’s, Ikeja

Rhapsody’s, Ikeja Rhapsody’s is a restaurant of South African origin with two branches in Lagos – one at Ikeja City Mall, Alausa and the other on Agoro Odiyan Street, Victoria Island.  I went to the restaurant in Ikeja.  Rhapsody’s Ikeja has a black and cream theme with lots of glass and mirrors everywhere.  It feels…

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Restaurant Review: Freddy’s

  Freddy’s restaurant has a warm vibe. Freddy’s restaurant is a small restaurant with a warm, comfortable vibe in Gomays Hotel, Calabar.  Although the restaurant serves basics like burgers and salads, it is known for its Lebanese food.  I went to Freddy’s with a group of friends