Biggest dating mistakes single women make

biggest dating mistakes single women make

Dating in today’s world can be a minefield.  You never know what you will say who or do that will make the whole thing explode in your face. That’s why today’s video is dedicated to the biggest mistakes single women make when it comes to dating.

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Everybody makes mistakes.  I know that I made a ton of mistakes myself when I was on dating scene so the mistakes I’m going to be talking about are the ones I made myself as well as the ones I see women make over and over again.


So let’s begin.  The number one mistake I see women make over and over again is dating somebody you don’t have a good vibe with. If you have been watching my videos or following me on Instagram… by the way you should follow me on Instagram  if you want daily tips on love and relationship from me. My name on Instagram is Lape Soetan so go over to Instagram and follow me there.


Now back to our topic for today.  I believe a lot in vibe and your intuition, you will know that if you have been following me for a while.  So if you meet a guy or you are introduced to him or you heard about him but you don’t have a good vibe about him or you don’t have a good feeling about him, don’t date him. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t take risks, I believe risks but I believe in calculated risks.


For example, let’s say you meet a guy and you have a good feeling about him, he just seems right but you find out that he is younger than you or he comes from a different tribe, don’t immediately dismiss him.  Consider dating him.  That’s the kind of calculated risk I’m talking about.  So when it comes to dating, only date people you have a good vibe about no matter what anybody else says.


Mistake number two that single women make a lot is sleeping with someone too soon.  Now what I believe is that the more you want to get married, the longer you should wait before you sleep with the person.  I know that sounds really old-fashioned but trust me, it’s something that you should follow because sex can cloud your judgment.  It can make you see things when there isn’t anything there so the longer you go before you sleep with somebody, the better you will be able to know them and judge whether they are a good partner for you.  So my second tip is to take your time before you sleep with someone.


Mistake number three that I see a lot of single women make, particularly when they are over 30, is dating out of fear.  Now it doesn’t matter if you’ve been single for 5 years or if you are 42 and you really really want to get married, it doesn’t mean you should go out with just anybody.  Please take your time.  When it comes to these things, what you usually need to do is to get over the fear that you have of being alone.


I’ve already made a video about this topic.  It’s called ‘What to do if you’re scared you’ll be alone forever’. Work out the fear of being alone and remember – never date somebody just because you are scared you will be alone forever.  It is never a good idea.


So those are the 3 biggest mistakes I see single women making.  If you want more free tips from me, you can check out my free e-books by clicking here.


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