A sweet post: my favourite ice-cream places in Lagos

If you follow me on Instagram , you’ll know that I love ice-cream.  It’s not like I have it everyday but it’s definitely a comfort food for me.  (Is ice-cream even food?)  Anyway, because of my deep feelings for ice-cream, I have searched far and wide (within Lagos, you understand) for the best ice-cream and am happy to report the result of my scientific research.

cafe royale ice cream sundae

A Cafe Royale ice-cream sundae

Café Royale

Café Royale is the café part of Chocolat Royale.  Most people associate Chocolat Royale with ice-cream and indeed most communication from the owners advertise Chocolat Royale’s ice-cream.  Chocolat Royale sells the largest variety of ice-cream flavours I have ever seen in Lagos.  In spite of that, I’m not crazy about their ice-cream.  It just doesn’t feel very creamy to me.  The ice-cream sundaes that you can get as dessert in Café Royale on the other hand are wonderful.  They look luscious and taste decadent.  Amazing.

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There are two branches of Candy that I know of in Lagos.  One is on Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island and the other is at Ikeja City Mall.  I don’t remember trying the sundaes at Candy mostly because I don’t feel the need to.  They never seem to have that many flavours of ice-cream (at least not at the Mall) but the quality of the ice-cream they do have makes up for that.  It is just as creamy as I want and the ice-cream cones are absolutely delicious. 

candy lagos' ice-cream

Ice-cream from Candy

Ice-cream Factory

I love the name of this place; it always makes me smile.  Ice-cream factory always seems to have a nice array of ice-cream flavours but I always order a sundae there – maybe because they have such a large variety of those.  While their sundaes are nice, there always seems to be too much whipped cream on them.  I would prefer more of the actual ice-cream and less of the whipped-cream in my sundaes.  That would be much more satisfying, I think.

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 ice cream from ice cream factory

An ice-cream sundae from Ice-cream Factory

I know Coldstone is now in Lagos with several branches all over but I’m just not a fan of their ice-cream.  It feels a little odd in my mouth, I dislike the humungous cones they sell and even the smallest cups they have are too big for me.  I also hate the queues I ostensibly find at most Coldstone stores and the slight air of chaos I meet there.  I’ve come across people who do like Coldstone but it’s just not for me.

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