5 things to do as soon as you’re promoted

picture of celebration

Congratulations!  You’ve been promoted.  You’ve worked hard, you’ve networked, you’ve been nice and now, you’ve been rewarded with the promotion you’ve been angling for.  Time to celebrate, right?  Actually, no.  Before you pop open that bottle of champagne, here are a few things you need to do: 

Update your CV.

It’s probably the last thing on your mind but it should actually be the first thing you do.  Open up the latest version of your resume (which you already have saved on your computer, right?) and put in details of your new position.  That way, if you need to send your CV to anyone, you won’t have to start filling it out in a hurry; you’d already have an up-to-date version that you’ve written properly.  Of course, you’re probably not looking for a new job now that you’ve just been promoted but you never know.  It’s best to be prepared.

Start saving more.

Many financial advisors say you should put all the extra money you now make into your savings or investment account.  But I am human so I suggest saving some of your new found cash and blowing the rest.  I’m joking about the ‘blowing the rest’ part but I really do think you should spend a little of the extra money you get on something you really want.  It’ll make you feel good about yourself and make you feel even better about building your savings.

Learn about the next role up.

Being promoted is wonderful and being in that new position is exciting.  It’s easy to sit back and survey your new kingdom but after taking a breath or two, learn about the next role up.  What are the duties and responsibilities of that position?  Are there aspects of that job that would be useful or helpful in the role you have right now?  Don’t overdo things or let yourself get stressed but be aware of the roles of those higher than you in hierarchy with a view to improving yourself (not to staging a coup of some sort).

Re-assess your career. 

You’ve wanted this position for a while but now is the time to go inwards and ask yourself if you are really happy.  Is this new position what you wanted after all?  How do you feel?  Happy?  Excited? Worried at the thought of more work? Feel like it’s an anti-climax?  Checking in with yourself will help you determine if you are still on the path to your goal, if you are creating the career you wanted.  If not, you need to sit down, re-strategise and plan how to get on to the path that will lead to your dreams.


Now, you can open the bubbly!  Call up your nearest and dearest and share your good news.  Remember to send some champagne my way!


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