3 signs you’re dating a fuck boy

3 signs you're dating a fuck boy

Dating in today’s world can be a minefield and because of that, I decided to discuss a very special topic today.  Today’s topic is 3 signs you’re dating a fuck boy.  I know this topic may sound shocking to some but I also know it’s relevant in today’s world.  I even got requests to make a video about it and since I’m always ready to oblige my blog subscribers, I decided to create this post 🙂

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First of all, what is a fuck boy?  A fuck boy is a guy who sleeps with different women with zero intention of having a relationship with any one of them.  That’s just who he is.  So, if you’re dating a guy and you’re not sure if he’s a fuck boy or not, this is the video for you.  You should pay attention.


So, 3 signs you’re dating a fuck boy.  The 1st sign is that he won’t call you his girlfriend.  He won’t even say that he’s in a relationship with you.  Whenever you ask him or someone else asks him if you’re in a relationship, he’ll just get out of the situation.  He might even tell you that labelling what you have with the word ‘relationship’ is demeaning it.  That what you have is more special than a relationship.  Don’t believe him.  He’s lying.  If you’re in a relationship, the guy will tell you, you guys are in a relationship and you will not be in any doubt.


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The 2nd sign you’re dating a fuck boy is that he doesn’t want you and him to be seen as a couple.  He won’t go to events with you where you can be seen as a couple, he won’t do things where he can be seen as being in a couple with you.  That’s because he doesn’t want to be a couple with you.  He doesn’t want that at all.  So, if he avoids situations where you guys will be seen as a couple, he just might be a fuck boy.


The 3rd sign you’re dating a fuck boy is that he comes and goes into your life just like he pleases.  You’re never sure when he’s going to call.  You’re never sure when you’re going to see him.  You don’t even really know where you stand.  That is a sure sign that you’re dating a fuck boy.  I hate to break it to you.


So, if the person you’re dating is showing any of these signs or all of these signs, then you know he is a fuck boy and you need to get out.


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