3 important things to do before you get married

3 important things to do before you get married www.lapesoetan.com

Almost everyone gets married at some point.  It’s just statistics.  I know sometimes it feels like you’ll be single forever but that probably won’t be how things go.  Seeing as that is the case, you’ll only be single for a limited period of time.  Take advantage of it!  There are many things you probably won’t be able to do once you get married so now is the time to take action on them.  Before you get married, there are many things you should do – here are 3 important ones:



If there’s one thing I think every woman should do before she gets married, it is to travel.  I know that getting visas can be a serious hassle and travelling can be expensive but what I’ve found is that sometimes, obstacles are bigger in our minds than they are in real life.  It just depends on how much you want something.  For example: visas to Dubai are practically guaranteed (especially if you’re over 30) and these days, you can often find cheap flights to Dubai online.  Travelling is more than just an opportunity to go shopping, it’s an adventure for your soul.  It’s an experience that once you’ve gotten, can never be taken away from you.  Travelling, whether it’s within the country, or outside is a form of education.  And for the ladies out there looking for love, you never know who you might meet on the flight from Lagos to Dubai or anywhere else in the world.  If your goal is to travel, don’t immediately think it’s impossible for you.  Start by admitting that it is what you want, write down steps you can take to get it then start with one small step, even if it’s just to search online for ‘cheapest flight from Lagos to Dubai’.  Take it one step at a time and before you know it, you’ll be travelling around the world.  Travel now, before you get married.  It may not be so easy to do so afterwards.


2.Get a new hobby/ interest/ skill

Self-development is the way forward in today’s world.  Not only does getting a new hobby or learning a new skill broaden your horizon, it can help improve your earning potential and even put you on the path to meeting the right man for you.  Love works in mysterious ways.  So do some self-analysis.  Ask yourself what you really want out of life, what your long-term goals are and take small steps towards it.  Hate your job?  Look into taking an online course so you can get a new job.  You can even find some free online courses to try before spending your hard-earned cash.  Secretly want to be a fashion-designer?  Take a sewing class and see whether you like it.  Learning a new skill or developing a hobby has so many benefits.  It can remove the fear you have of losing your job, can make you more excited about life and make you more attractive to potential employers, friends or romantic partners.  It really is a win-win concept.


3.Take a romantic risk

You know that guy you’ve had your eye on for a while?  Ask him out.  That guy who’s been asking you out for ages and you’ve been ignoring because he’s “not your type”?  Go on a date with him.  Want to try online dating but are worried about what people will think?  Do it anyway.  Life is much shorter than we think it is and no-one is promised tomorrow so if there’s something you’ve been wanting to do love- or relationship-wise, now is the time.  You don’t have to discuss your plans with the whole world first.  They’ll probably discourage you.  Even the people closest to you will do so.  Ironically, it’s not because they don’t like you that they’ll discourage you, it’s because they love you and are scared you’ll get hurt.  But many times, to get what you want, you have to do things despite the fear you feel.  So, don’t let fear of rejection or being laughed at or anything like that stand in the way of your finding true love.  You’ll have the last laugh when you’re happily married to the right guy for you.