2nd blog-oversary!

This blog is 2 years old today and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  On average, I put up 2 posts a week and though that sounds minute, I cannot explain the determination you need to blog consistently for two years.  I have deep respect for bloggers who update their blog several times a day.  I simply don’t know how they do it. 


Between last year and this, some things have changed about my blog.  The look and feel has changed but more importantly, what I write about has changed too.  This blog started out as a travel blog but I’ve always wanted to write about more than travel so this year, I included articles on careers because helping people (especially young women) build their careers is important to me.  I’ve also been writing a lot more about Lagos.  I love living in Lagos but it can drive you crazy sometimes so I thought it would be good to include posts that help people understand this city.  I also included more reviews of restaurants and things to do in Lagos on the blog.


Below, I’ve listed my favourite posts over the past year.  On the right-hand side of this page, you’ll find a list of this blog’s most popular posts.  The list is supposed to be a compilation of the most popular posts since I first started this blog but it only lists the most popular posts over the last four months or so because my site has crashed more times than I care to remember.  Yes, technical problems like your site crashing are one of the sad things about blogging that you don’t often hear about.


In this post, I’ve included my favourite Living in Lagos pictures from the past year to give you a sense of what life in Lagos can be like (and to give your eyes a break from all this text!).


I love blogging and I love that you’re reading this.  I hope to keep entertaining you here many years into the future.


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My favourite Living in Lagos pictures of 2012


I love chocolate cake.  I had this muffin at my brother’s place on his birthday.

The same brother and I before we zoomed off on his bike.

Olaiya, Surulere where some friends and I had lunch.  Looks gross but tasted pretty good.


I went to watch Umoja for the second time and loved it still.

My newest nephew and his mum 😉

I won an award last year. Yay!  The highlight of this picture is my blinged-out nails though 🙂

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Photographs by me