Why you don’t need luck to get married

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People sometimes ask “do you need luck to get married?” The short answer to this is ‘no’.  You don’t actually need anything to get married.  Well, you do need other people.  You can’t be stuck alone on a deserted island and get married but if you’re reading this, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you’re not in that situation.  If you’re living in any sort of community where you come across people on a day-to-day basis, it is possible, even easy to get married.  Look at the people who are married.  Rich people, poor people, beautiful people, ugly people.  Every kind of person in this world gets married.  It’s clear that you don’t need luck to get married.  So what exactly do you need?  I’ll tell you in a minute but first let’s talk some more about getting married.

If getting married is the goal, then that isn’t a very tough goal to achieve.  Many women get several marriage proposals in their lifetime but guess what?  They turn down those proposals.  So it turns out that getting married isn’t really the goal.  What those women and indeed the average person wants is to get married to someone who makes them happy.  Of course, there are people who marry simply for financial reasons.  This article isn’t for those people although the means by which they get what they want is the same as what anyone out there should use if they want to get married.  The main difference is while one person is thinking solely about themselves in their quest to get married, the other is thinking about themselves as well as the other person.  They want a situation where both parties are happy to be married to each other.

So, what is it that you need if you want to get married to someone you love and who loves you back?  Focus!  That’s what you need.  Once you determine that you want to get married (and that is an important step.  Many people say they want to get married but deep down, they don’t.  What they really want is lots of money or to get out of the town they live or whatever else and they feel that marriage is a great way to do that), what you need to do is focus and take steps that will lead to marriage.  If you want to get married to someone who loves you but keep dating people who only meet up with you for sex, you are not showing focus and will not get married to the kind of person you want.  If you want to get married to someone you love but are dating someone who bores you to tears so that ‘it won’t be like you’re not dating anybody’ (as someone once told me), you are not showing focus and will not be happily married to your perfect partner.

You can now see that ultimately, luck has very little to do with getting married.  Anyone can get married but if you want to get married to someone you love who loves you in return, you need one thing and that’s focus.

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