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When a man leaves you, even if the relationship has been going downhill for a while, it can still feel like a shock.  You can be left reeling and asking yourself, “Why did he leave?”  That question is what this video is out to answer.  In today’s video, I’m going to be talking about why he left you.

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The thing to realise is that men leave women for all sorts of reasons.  It could be that he realised that he didn’t want a relationship with you and he decided to stop stringing you along and move on or it could be that he was never really into you at all or it could be that he changed and it changed the relationship so he left or you changed and it changed the relationship so he left.


There are as many reasons as there are people on earth why a man leaves a woman so the important thing is not to focus so much on WHY he left but WHAT to do now that he has left.


One of the first things to do when a man leaves you, after giving yourself time to grieve of course, is to do some inner work.  Ask yourself some questions.  Is this the first man that is leaving you or is it the thirty first?  Is there a pattern surrounding how your relationships end?  If there is a pattern, what do you think is causing that pattern?


Ask yourself these and similar other questions so you can have an idea of what’s going on in your relationships and so that you can fix your relationships so that future ones are much better.  Once again, it’s not why he left you that’s important, it’s what you have learned as a result of him leaving you that is important because that is information that you can use to improve your life and improve your future relationships.


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