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This love thing can be a risky business.  You give your heart and soul to somebody and sometimes, it doesn’t work out.  Sometimes, the other person leaves.  You know when it can be most painful?  When that other person leaves you for their ex.  There are women who have had to endure this over and over again.  It seems as if every guy they date eventually leaves them for their ex.  This video is for those women.  Today, I’m going to be talking about when he leaves you for his ex.

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It can be heartbreaking when your boyfriend leaves you for his ex and if it happens over and over again, it can get you wondering if there’s something wrong with you.  First of all, know that there’s nothing wrong with you.  Sometimes, these things happen.


Everybody comes across relationship problems at some point in time or the other.  There are women who have had to endure their boyfriends leaving them and then marrying the very next person that they date.  This happens to them over and over again.  It’s a pretty awful thing to happen too.  So know that bad things happen to everybody – even if they don’t talk about it.


Like I said, everyone has relationship problems at some point in time.  What matters is learning from the past and moving on to better relationships.  If you find that the guys you date keep leaving you to go back to their exes, there are a few things you can do to prevent the situation from happening again.


The very first thing is that when you meet a guy that you’re interested in, pay attention.  If he keeps talking about his ex, there is a strong possibility that he is going to go back to her.  The second thing to note is that if his ex is still in his life, there is a good chance that he will go back to her.


Of course these days, many people say that they are still friends with their exes and that’s good for them.  If it’s working for them, fine.  But if you’re in a relationship with a guy whose ex is still in his life and it makes you unhappy and the guy knows that it makes you unhappy, it doesn’t bode well for that relationship.  It is possible, quite possible, that that guy will leave you for his ex.


The cure for this condition where you think that your boyfriends always leave you for their ex is to first, believe that it can never happen to you again.  Believe that with all your heart.  Say it to yourself every single day.  Train yourself to believe that your boyfriend is NOT going to leave you for his ex or for anyone else for that matter.  It is difficult but it can be done.  It is something that you have to train yourself about.


Secondly, the next time that you meet a guy that you really like, that you can even imagine marrying, pay attention to what he’s saying.  If he talks about his ex a lot, listen to the alarm bells going off in your head and move on from that guy no matter how desperately you want to be in his life or his bed.  By the way, it doesn’t matter if a guy is saying good things or bad things about his ex but of course, it’s a bigger red flag if he is constantly saying bad things about his ex.  By the time he is going on and on about his ex, know that he is NOT over her and that there is a strong possibility that he will go back to her.


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