How vision boards can help you get married

A vision board is a physical visual representation of your goals and desires.  It’s a simple way to represent your heart’s desires so that you find it easy to make your dreams come true. There’s nothing a vision board can’t help you get.  Its use isn’t limited to physical things like houses and cars.  You can use a vision board for non-physical things like marriage.


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If you want to get married, a vision board can help.  To make a vision board to help you achieve your dream of getting married, here’s what you need to do:  get pictures and words that represent the kind of marriage you want and stick them all on a cardboard sheet.  You can get these pictures from magazines or by searching for what you want on the internet.  Pinterest is very helpful with tasks like this and in fact, you can create your entire vision board on Pinterest but I tend to think that’s for advanced vision board-makers 😉


Back to our super-simple way to create a vision board for marriage.  If you want to get married on a beach, put a picture of a beach wedding there.  If you want to marry a guy who has an active, adventurous lifestyle, stick a picture of a guy climbing a mountain on your board.  If you want trust and loyalty in your marriage, put those words on your vision board.


Can a vision board really help someone get married?  It worked for me!  Amongst other things, I used a vision board to help me find the right man for me.  I put a ridiculous picture of a wedding cake topper on my vision board.  The topper had the bride with her legs around the groom and the two of them kissing.  It was such a silly picture that the minute I saw it, I smiled, tore it out of the magazine I was looking through at the time and put it on my vision board.  Today, I’m married (after several disastrous relationships, I might add).


So vision boards can help you get married.  They can help you find a boyfriend.  They can help you get a car.  They can help you get anything you want!  Now, tell me: have you ever made a vision board before?  Did you find it helpful?  If you haven’t made one before, will you make one now?  Tell me your answers in the comments section below and if you would like personalised help with making your vision board or would like coaching to help you get married, book a coaching session with me.  Find out my coaching rates by clicking here.   To take up one of my coaching packages, send an email to lape(at)lapesoetan(dot)com


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